Hi, I am Joanne and I’ve decided to share my hemorrhoids experience with you. I cannot remember exactly when I started suffering from this condition. Probably, this was during my teenage life. Since childhood, I my bowel movements have been challenging. I kept straining but did not know that this was the worst thing to do. Later on in adulthood, hemorrhoid caught up with me. For almost two Joanneweeks I was suffering from constipation. Consequently, I bled profusely from the rectal area.

The pain was excruciating especially when I developed an external hemorrhoid thrombosis. This is where skin in the infected rectal area develops a blood clot. Every movement I made resulted in feelings of great pain. Sitting, standing, walking or even farting was a problem. Despite all this pain, I kept on postponing my appointment with the doctor. One night, I was in terrible pain that I decided to run warm water over the infected area. Even though I felt some kind of relief, the pain did not go away.

I gathered courage and tried to catch some sleep. Next morning, I woke up to find a large stain on my undies but there was no pain; the hemorrhoid had popped. Things got better but bowel movements were still painful. Eventually, I decided to have enough of it and sought attention from a doctor. During diagnosis, I narrated to him all the past events and how I managed to pop out the clot. He prescribed an ointment and some suppositories which proved to be very helpful.

Nonetheless, the pain kept on coming forcing me to go back to my doctor. He gave me prescriptions for additional pills and ointment. The pills helped prevent inflammation. They also eradicated pain. I continued taking this medication for the next three months before things normalized. Those three months were the longest period of my life. I struggled with feelings of depression and loneliness. Every visit to the restroom was a dreaded one. I could not imagine going through those pangs of pain again. I cried a lot.

Luckily, I sought consolation from a close relative. She gave me a shoulder to lean on. Coincidentally, she had been living with hemorrhoids for nearly eight years. I got to learn that there are many other people with this condition. Her advice was that I should not strain when using the restroom. She also encouraged me to eat a balanced diet and have lots of fruits and vegetables in my diet.

After three long month I went back to normal life. Than I decided to write this blog, who hopefully will help people in similar situation. Hope you find it useful.