If you ask people what they would do if they had more time and more money – the vast majority would answer that he would travel more.

There is something about trips that brings with it a new spirit, new tastes, new landscapes, and new sensations that take us out of our routine and give us new space to think about what we’ve gone through and what we’re going to go through.

I make sure to combine trips as part of achieving my goals, and on one of my trips I noticed how the reality of the trip parallels our daily reality in several ways:

1. No matter how far we go, anything that keeps us away from our goal or does not help us, goes right along with us. Even if you are somewhere else in the world.

Sometimes it seems to us that the moment we get away things will work out on their own, or they just stop interrupting. But as long as we have not acted differently, our thoughts and patterns will come with us, no matter where we are.

2. When things weigh on us, physically or emotionally, you can not really enjoy the most beautiful scenery even if they are right in front of our eyes.

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